Change for the Better


"Leave inexperience behind, and you will live; pursue the way of understanding."
-Proverbs 9:6


In working with a college Huddle, I hear many struggles and things that the athletes are going through. The pressures of athletic competition are tough, and many athletes turn to the wrong things. They hide their struggles in various places--the internet, a bottle or other things much worse. But they need to know that there is hope!

In Proverbs 9 we read about wisdom. One verse -- verse 6 -- particularly jumped out and grabbed me. How many times do we fall into a trap that Satan lays before us only to hear him tell us that it is too late to turn back. "You're not good enough for God now. He doesn't care about you anymore." These lines are so false! God wants you to turn around and head back to Him no matter where you are or what you've done. When you are caught in a habit of sin, it is hard to break free and make a change. But we know that this kind of change (turning back to Christ) is always for the better.

Though we sometimes think our sins will bring us happiness, contentment or instant gratification, we are foolishly mistaken. They will only lead to empty, unfulfilled days. And during these times, only one Man can restore you: Jesus Christ. In Him, we can change. In Him, we can learn to live again. In Him, we can truly grow and make wise decisions.

So if you think you are beyond change, stop, drop and pray that God will open your eyes and turn your heart back to Him. The change of going back to Christ is always for the better.


1. Do you fear change?
2. Is there an area of sin in your life that needs changing?
3. Today, how can you begin to let Christ change you and start learning to live in Him?


Proverbs 9
Matthew 4:17
Romans 6:1-4
Colossians 1:10-14

Bible Reference: 
Colossians 1