Coming Back After Injury


“Therefore, since Christ suffered in the flesh, arm yourselves also with the same understanding — because the one who suffers in the flesh is finished with sin.” -- 1 Peter 4:1


Who has more confidence about recovering from injury, the one who has never been hurt or the player who has come through the pain and has found renewed strength? If the answer seems obvious, you may have never been injured.

The Apostle Peter makes mention of suffering and its results in the above scripture. He’s not saying that after we’ve suffered we’re somehow exempt from making moral mistakes; rather, suffering changes our mindset and leads us to live for more than physical gratification.

Before we’ve suffered any significant injury, many of us play a little tentatively in dangerous situations. There is a latent fear that if we risk a possible injury, we can never recover or play the same again.

However, in the player who has suffered and recovered, that indecision and fear are overcome by the assurance that even if this daring play leads to pain, he can come through it to compete even more strongly.

As you compete today, play with strength, courage and tenacity. Don’t be intimidated by the potential injury that you imagine could wreck your playing career.

  • What do you think it means to share in Christ’s sufferings?
  • Do you trust God to see you through your injury?

“Lord, I pray for the strength to bear the burden of Your cross with courage and assurance, knowing You are always with me. Amen.”