Commit to the Team


“How wonderful and pleasant it is when brothers live together in harmony!” -- Psalm 133:1


Living life on earth takes a team effort. There’s strength in numbers and a commitment to stick together, united by the same goal. We see it in the best teams; dedication and commitment not only to the cause but to those who work side-by-side.

As one, we band together under the leadership of Jesus to set out to our fields, locker rooms, classrooms and towns. What does this look like for us? How did the early leaders of the church begin to spread the Gospel that has grown out to us today?

Kingdom Call

The disciples and early church were focused on a larger mission and stuck to that vision as they grew in numbers and lived together in Christ. Jesus laid the groundwork for Kingdom living and His disciples were tasked with taking His message to both Jew and Gentile. As His message moved in the hearts of listeners, believers united and met together with joy, shared meals and pooled resources to serve those in need in their communities.

Breaking Barriers

The life, death and resurrection of Jesus ushered in a new way of living. It was upside-down and counter-cultural to the time, but it brought people together who had previously been divided. Jesus came to save everyone, and in Him, people were related through adoption into God’s family regardless of status. Barriers broke, and all became welcome under the banner of Christ. Jesus extended fellowship to those considered outsiders or subservient and highlighted their value. As His followers, we are tasked to do the same. 

All Together

The early church members gathered together, loved and moved out of deep and genuine fellowship with one another. They pooled resources, met together and sought to take care of the needs of one another. Jesus was the bond that got them together, and His love was the motivator as they looked to serve and share about Him with a waiting world. As members of Team Jesus, we continue to live in peace with our brothers and sisters and commit to living and giving as one under Christ.

When we are unified and committed, our resolve strengthens and we live out our lives with the light of Jesus, standing firm with others who are willing to stand beside us for the sake of God’s Kingdom. A fortress built on a firm foundation stands steady in the winds of adversity, and there’s no better time to gather our crew and dedicate ourselves to walk beside one another in unwavering love and encouragement.

  • How have you committed to be loyal to the people God has placed around you?
  • What does true unity in Christ look like?
  • Are you ready to commit yourself to the people around you for the sake of God’s Kingdom?

Matthew 28: 18-20; Acts 4:32; Galatians 3:28


“Father, You gave us one another to build each other up, sharpen our faith and point to You, to live in unity and love. Help us to live like the early Church, to live and give for the needs around us, and to share Your light with a world who needs Your love. Thank You that we can pursue Your team together, for Your glory and the good of Your people. Amen.”

Bible Reference: 
Matthew 28:18-20
Acts 4:32
Galatians 3:28