So Nathan told David, “Do all that is on your heart, for God is with you.” — 1 Chronicles 17:2


David had been contemplating a very big decision and sought advice from Nathan the prophet. Nathan’s reply was basically, “Go for it!” We get that same feeling when we have prepared to compete and everyone involved has great confidence in the game plan. Each coach and player is infused with excitement and can’t wait to get to the field of competition.

How great would it be to approach every day of our lives this way? Why do we not? God is surely with us, so let’s strongly and confidently pursue the life He’s put in our hearts. As Nathan said to David, I’m now saying to you, “Do all that is on your heart, for God is with you” (1 Ch 17:2).


1. How does it feel when you unveil the game plan for your next opponent and everyone on the team immediately buys in?
2. Can you recall the feelings of confidence, assurance, and enthusiasm?
3. Who speaks encouragement to you like Nathan did to David?
4. Is there someone you could encourage in a similar way?


Extra Reading: 1 John 5:1–15


Father, help me coach my players in a way that develops confidence and enables them to compete at their best. Help me encourage them to do all that is in their hearts. Amen.