Consumed by a Desire to Serve


Based on the gift they have received, everyone should use it to serve others, as good managers of the varied grace of God. If anyone speaks, his speech should be like the oracles of God; if anyone serves, his service should be from the strength God provides, so that in everything God may be glorified through Jesus Christ. To Him belong the glory and the power forever and ever. Amen.
1 Peter 4:10-11 


As Christian competitors, we realize that God has called us to serve. But do we understand that we should be consumed to serve? Is there a consuming fire that burns in us to serve others around us who are hurting and to help those who need to experience the love of Christ through us?

We serve because the ultimate purpose of serving is to glorify Christ. Rick Warren said, “We serve God by serving others. The world defines greatness in terms of power, possessions, prestige, and position. . . . In our self-serving culture with its me-first mentality, acting like a servant is not a popular concept.”9 In the athletic world, everyone struggles to some degree with the “me first” mentality. We buy into the lie that we are better than others because of our giftedness in athletics. So are we consumed with self or consumed with serving?

When serving, we need to have intentionality (plan it!), intensity (seize it!) and intimacy (feel it!). The passion for serving must come from the heart. Samuel Chadwick said it best: “Spirit filled souls are ablaze for God. They love with a love that glows. They serve with a faith that kindles. They serve with a devotion that consumes. They hate sin with fierceness that burns. They rejoice with a joy that radiates. Love is perfected in the fire of God.”

On and off the field of competition, we need to be radical about serving. Can you imagine if thousands of coaches and athletes across the country got passionate about serving their teams? Why shouldn’t that revolution begin with you?


1. Why is it hard to be passionate about serving? What gets in the way?
2. What part of your life reflects the “me first” mentality? Identify it, confess it, and ask for forgiveness.
3. Will you be one of the thousands who are passionate about serving? If so, what is one practical way you can serve your team today? 


Jude 1:24-25  


Jesus, this serving thing is hard. I struggle daily with the “me first” mentality. I confess my selfishness before You. Help me to see with spiritual eyes the ways I can serve my team. I want to be one who is consumed to serve. Amen.  

Bible Reference: 
Jude 1