The Mentality of a Man


 Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. Romans 12:2 (New International Version)



PICTURE THIS:  Its Wednesday morning July 28, 2010.  Its 6:30 AM, time for my morning run.  It’s raining.  Its decision time…to run or not to run that is the question.  Put up or shut up, go hard or go home, don’t be a punk were some of the thoughts that ran through my mentality as mind kept reminding me that it was raining.  OK Chad, what’s it gonna be?   

            About half way through this run, I had a profound thought and it was this: A man’s ability to be Superman or to be Clark Kent lies solely in his mentality. Mentality is a man’s habitual way of thinking, interpreting, and responding to events, routines, and daily happenings that are peculiar to that man. When a man is challenged, his mentality determines how he rises to that challenge.  Everyday live presents hundreds even thousands of challenges.  Some of the challenges are great and some are small, yet all of them are important because together they determine the total outcome of that moment. 

            It is so crazy how one moment can seem so trivial and yet can present a colossal battle between the mind and the mentality.  The mind due to his logical reasoning and rationality, will present arguments that are logical: “You will get wet if you run, and being wet could increase the chances of you getting sick.”  While the mentality counter argues with the drive and determination that has made the man what he is: “It was raining when you scored that touchdown to win the game ten years ago.”  “This rain will make you better because you didn’t let adversity stop you.”  “Do it!”

            Whether the mind or the mentality wins your day has been shaped in the miracle of a moment.  If you chose to stay in because of rain, that decision will set the standard for thousands of decisions to come.  Likewise if you chose to run, choosing and running will build a foundation for other decisions you will make for the rest of the day.  Which choice was a Clark Kent decision?  Which choice was a Super-Man decision? 

            Our mentality is an innate quality that all of us possess.  Like muscles, we must train our mentality to make it stronger.  During the course of your life there have been test and trials that have built your mentality up or torn it down. Keeping our mentality strong is a matter rising to the challenges and adversities of life, great and small.  It is a matter of capturing the nuances of life by deciding to give your best no matter what.  MAN UP! 


 When was the last time your mentality was tested? How did you respond?

The behaviors produced from a man’s mentality make up the life of a man.  What types of behaviors does your life consist of currently?    

How are those behaviors revealing themselves tangibly in your life? 

MAN UP CHECK – Right now, are you Clark Kent or are you Super-Man?  Remember, the truth will make you free!


 James 1:8



 Father, right now I come to you in the name of Jesus, asking you to forgive me for any foolish mind sets that I have had.  I repent of all of them now.  I now take on the mentality of Christ.  Help me to walk in this mentality throughout my day.  Amen 

Bible Reference: 
James 1