Did Not See It Coming


"Then the Lord opened the donkey’s mouth." –Numbers 22:28a


John was a great miler who liked to take the lead early in the race and run to victory. His coach was concerned about an upcoming race. John’s top opponent liked to come from behind to win.

When the race started, John raced to the lead. His coach told him to move to the inside of lane one, but John ignored him. Laps two and three, his coach said the same thing, but John only grew upset with him. On lap four, his coach was insistent, but John stayed firm.

Balaam had a similar situation while traveling on his donkey. God sent an angel to oppose him. The donkey, seeing the angel, moved to avoid it; but Balaam became angry and hit him. Three times the donkey avoided the angel, and every time Balaam hit his faithful steed. Finally, God opened the donkey’s mouth, and he spoke. If my donkey started talking, I certainly would take notice, but Balaam was so angry, he did not listen. God had to open Balaam’s eyes to see what the donkey had saved him from. Balaam repented, asking God for forgiveness.

On the final turn, John remained in his chosen position. In the last 10 yards, his opponent passed on the inside and took the victory. John’s coach had seen what John had been blind to. John, like Balaam, had a blind spot. Many times we do not listen to those who can show us areas to improve. We all have blind spots. But if we pay attention, God may show us what we need to change today.


1. What are the blind spots in your life?
2. Who are the “donkeys” who have helped you see your blind spots?
3. How can you eliminate your spiritual blind spots?


Proverbs 12:15; 13:10; 15:22


Lord, I know I have blind spots. Please bring bold friends in my life who can show me what those areas are. Cultivate in me the right spirit to receive this truth. Amen.

Bible Reference: 
Proverbs 15