Play Calling


“He will give you another Counselor to be with you forever. He is the Spirit of truth.” – John 14:16-17


In the NFL, one offensive player and one defensive player are allowed a speaker in their helmet to hear their coaches. This allows the coach to communicate with their player on the field, even though they are far away on the sidelines. The coaches can communicate plays, correct, encourage or instruct their players. The two players may look alone, but they have a voice guiding them through the game.

As Christians, we all have a voice guiding us as well. This voice doesn’t come in the form of a speaker in a helmet but a voice in our hearts. This voice instructs us through our lives. It teaches, encourages, comforts, disciplines, and tells us what to do. This voice is the Holy Spirit. God spoke through many things in the Old Testament, like a burning bush, angels, and even a donkey! In the New Testament, He sent Jesus, His only Son, and spoke through Him! But when Jesus defeated death and came back to life, He instructed His disciples that He was going back to God but would send us a helper so we could still hear God! This helper is the Holy Spirit.

And just like the voices from the speaker in the helmet, we cannot see the Holy Spirit, but we hear Him. When we accept Jesus, God places the Holy Spirit in us and speaks to us through Him. Although we may look like we are alone on the field of life, God is with us. The Holy Spirit leads us in good and bad times, wins and losses, ups and downs. He never leaves us!

But just like the NFL players, we have a choice to listen or not. God promised to speak to and guide us by the power and truth of the Holy Spirit, but we must do our part and listen. He is the perfect playcaller.

Let us listen to His calls, trust them and obey them. Let us also rejoice that we are never alone. God is always speaking to us through the Holy Spirit.

  • Name a few plays you have learned in your sport.
  • What are some plays God gives us through the Holy Spirit?
  • How does it make you feel knowing God is always speaking to you and will never stop?

“God, thank You for sending the Holy Spirit to be my Counselor. Thank You for giving me a way to be in constant communication with You forever, being guided and kept safe. Help me listen to Your calls and run what You tell me to run. Thank You for never leaving me. Amen.”