Escape From Lo-debar


So King David had him brought from . . . Lo-debar. — 2 Samuel 9:5


Mephibosheth had lived in Lo-debar since the death of his father, Jonathan, and his grandfather, King Saul. He desperately wanted to leave the forsaken town that was a constant reminder of his father and grandfather’s deaths. He was faced with the constant threat that the Philistines would kill him as well. As a cripple, he had trouble traveling and feared returning to Jerusalem, since it was customary for a new king to eliminate all members of the former royal family to prevent retaliation to the throne. Mephibosheth must have yearned for a better life.

Because of his vow of love and loyalty to Jonathan, King David sought to find Jonathan’s family members. He eventually obtained reliable information of their whereabouts and transported Mephibosheth from Lo-debar to Jerusalem. He restored Mephibosheth’s inheritance and guaranteed him a place to eat at the royal palace for the rest of his life.

We are so much like Mephibosheth. We are content to live in spiritual poverty, under the penalty of death, and apart from abundant life in Christ. We have a Savior who wants to raise us up from the Lo -debar of our lives, and seat us at the royal table of His grace for eternity. He paid the price for our freedom from a life of sin and death. He wants us to experience the fullness of joy in Him.


1. Have you forsaken living in Lo-debar?
2. Have you accepted the King’s invitation to dine at His table forever?
3. The King has paid the price for your deliverance from Lo-debar.


Extra Reading: 2 Samuel 9


Father, thank You for the price You paid for my deliverance. Thank You for Your saving grace. Thank You for setting a place for me at Your table. Help me to graciously accept Your love. Amen.