Fear and Confidence


Though an army deploy against me, my heart is not afraid; though war break out against me, still I am confident. — Psalm 27:3


It appears that our hearts are the repositories for both confidence and fear. When we feel overmatched by a seemingly superior opponent, it’s our heart that keeps us from fearing him. When it seems like everything is going badly, when all the momentum has swung to the other team’s bench, it’s our heart that brims with confidence in spite of it all. A coach’s heart is the key that enables his or her team to compete strongly.

As we prepare to coach today, let’s give our heart an infusion of confidence through prayer. A coach can keep his or her heart in tune by confessing weaknesses to his most trusted associates. Strength must be found through reading the holy Scriptures. Let’s unify our heart with our players’ through committed relationships and a singular focus on our team’s goals.


1. Where does confidence come from?
2. Where does fear make its home?
3. Are these attributes of your body, of your mind, or are they residents of your heart?


Extra Reading: Psalm 71:1–13; Matthew 14:22–33


Father, fuel my heart with confidence in my relationship with You, with my coaching associates, and with my players. Though we face seemingly staggering odds and superior opponents, fill my heart with courage and dispel the fear that would limit my team and me. Amen.

Bible Reference: 
Matthew 14