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Attitude - Chapel

Chapel – Attitude

1 – Attitude:
• It can be our greatest asset.
• It can be our greatest liability.
• Your attitude will affect how you perceive your teammates, your coaches, your opponents, the officials and your team’s support staff.

2 – Luke 18:9-14 (read the text) Listen for attitudes as I read this scripture.
• The parable is told to whom? (The self-righteous and those who look down on others.)
• Two men went up to pray…
o One a Pharisee (religious big shot)
o One a Tax Collector (most hated person in the culture)
• How are their respective attitudes described?
o Pharisee – proud, boastful, superior
o Tax Collector – humble, contrite, seeking mercy
• What were the results of their prayers?
o Only one went home justified.

3 – Here’s the bottom line – Attitude
• Raise yourself by putting others down – you will be humbled. (God may bring you down and possibly others with you.)
• Humble yourself and God will raise you up.
• Guard your attitudes today and thus feel God’s hand of favor and elevation.

This resource provided by Roger D. Lipe

Bible Reference: 
Luke 18