Forget Something?

Ready "I will give them a heart to know Me, that I am the LORD. They will be My people, and I will be their God because they will return to Me with all their heart."
Jeremiah 24:7

Set Twenty minutes into the road trip on our summer vacation and the game began. “Did you lock the back door?” “Yes.” “Did you stop the mail?” “Two days ago.” “Oh man! I forgot my swim trunks!” “No, I saw you pack them.”

Regardless of the trip, this is the conversation my wife and I usually have and for many of us, it’s a part of the vacation tradition. We plan, arrange, pack, plan some more and make sure all the details of our destination are in order. We fill up our days making sure we get as much as we can in while we’re away. After all, it is our vacation.

But God shared something very profound with me during the 12 hour car ride. It was so profound for me that I was curious as to how I could have overlooked it in all of my previous family vacations, treks and trips.

He said, “Don’t take a vacation from Me.”

How often do we get so consumed by the process of planning and going on a vacation that we leave little room for God? Where does He desire us to go? What does He want us to do when we get there?

And when we do set course do we allow any room for Jesus to be put on display or do we rush through the parks, pools, shops, attractions, highways and byways like everybody else? Are we so consumed by our itinerary because it’s “our” vacation?

God has something to say about our vacations. He wants us to meet with Him while were on vacation and He wants us to show others His Son while we’re there.

So after arriving at our destination my wife and I made it a priority to take specific time out of our day to pray together throughout the week. We looked for opportunities to reflect Christ to those around us. And when our great plans fell through, we resided to the fact that God had something else for us on His agenda. I learned I won’t do vacations any other way…I shouldn’t and I can’t.

As summer continues to barrel on and you plan, prepare and venture out on your much needed vacation, enjoy it. But don’t forget God. Don’t forget that He does have something to say about your plans; that Jesus wants to meet with you while you’re “away” and you will have some tremendous opportunities to show Christ to a world that desperately needs to meet Him.

Did you forget something?

  1. Review the questions in the section above and evaluate what you do on vacation?
  2. Do you have an upcoming trip? If so, how can you make God part of your trip?
  3. Discuss with your family or teammates what you can do to reflect the life Jesus desires while on your trips. Think about small, practical ways someone could tell you’re a follower of Christ by your actions, words, clothes, choices, etc. Evangelism isn’t just about “telling” people about Jesus or handing out Bible tracts.
Workout Deuteronomy 8:5-7
Psalm 18:30
Isaiah 55:10-11
Psalm 86:11
John 7:38
Bible Reference: 
John 7