Fuel to the Fire


“Without wood, fire goes out…” - Proverbs 26:20a


Fall has always been a wonderful season for me. I love the leaves crunching and the beauty of the harvest sunsets. I enjoy sweatshirts and sweatpants and the warmth of an outdoor fire. In fact, campfires are one of my favorite things. I love the sound, the smell and the fellowship that usually comes with a good campfire.

Recently, this short, yet powerful, verse from Proverbs caught my attention. Proverbs 26:20a says, “Without wood, fire goes out.” Don’t you just love how the Bible can be so simple, yet so profound? When I read this verse, I thought, “Duh! Of course a fire dies out without wood.” And then the Lord rumbled inside my heart. He seemed to ask, “What are you fueling your fire with?” It was a great moment of conviction.

To keep our fire for the Lord, we must continually fuel it with good things—solid pieces of wood that will sustain our fire for Him. At times, my fuel is like a dead twig. Am I lying? Gossiping? Having negative thoughts? Am I trying to fuel the fire with activities and duties for God instead of just getting to know Him better? As an athlete or coach, am I fueling my fire with stats and scores instead of simply deepening my spiritual intimacy with the Lord through competition?

Each of us has to face these and many other issues in our own lives. But what I find amazing about the Lord is that He wants us to give Him all of our firewood, no matter how rotten, wet or small it might be. With it, He will bless each of us with a fire to warm the cold places in our hearts, a peace to calm our souls, and a comfort to know that when we give Christ our all He will enlighten us through His grace and mercy. Today, may each of us give our fuel to the Lord, in whatever shape it may be and know that it will spark God’s great plan in our life!


1. What is fueling your spiritual fire?

2. Are you concerned that your offerings aren’t good enough for God?

3. Read the parable of the talents in Matthew 25 (listed below). What does this say to you about your personal offering to God? How does He want you to use what He’s given you?


Jeremiah 29:13 Matthew 25:14-30 Hebrews 11:6 1 Peter 3:11

Bible Reference: 
1 Peter 3