Game Face


“Therefore if anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation; old things have passed away, and look, new things have come.”
-2 Corinthians 5:17 


In sports, how many times have we heard someone tell us to get our game face on? It’s a saying that’s used to bring up the idea or feeling of focus. When a person has their game face on they are ready for competition. They’re ready for the trial ahead of them and prepared to give their all. They are totally 100-percent focused.

As athletes or coaches, most of us would at one time or another in our careers have put on a game face of our own in sports, but what about as Christians? Have we ever thought about a spiritual game face?

The same things that help us put on our game face for sports can help us put on our game face for God. As athletes we spend hours and hours developing our game. The same must be true with our relationship with Jesus. We must work on it. We read in Revelation 3:20 that Jesus is knocking at our door. With Him knocking, the question is whether or not we will open the door.

We know that a football player is a football player because of his actions. The same is true with soccer players, basketball players, and athletes of any sport. The same is supposed to be true with us as Christians. Did you know that members of the early church didn’t call themselves Christians, but that it was a name given to them by people who observed them as they followed Jesus? Truly, they had game faces for Christ.

We achieve the Jesus game face the same way we do a sports game face. We must practice and listen to the Head Coach. As Christians, our Head Coach is God. And, how do we hear Him? Through prayer. We pray in times of both goodness and hardship. We hold a conversation with Him and get His game plan.

Today, focus on Jesus Christ and get your spiritual game face on. You’re in a great game called life, and your Head Coach has the winning game plan!  


1. How much time do you spend putting on your game face?
2. Would someone know that you were a Christian by your game face for Jesus?
3. Do your actions match your words? 


Acts 11:26
1 Thessalonians 5:17
Revelation 3:20 


“Father God, today we ask in the name of Jesus that You would help us put as much energy into reflecting Your love for the world as we do preparing for our next sporting event."