God’s Grace


“In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God's grace.” - Ephesians 1:7 (NIV)


Most of us who get these devotions have heard THE story—the account of Christ and His life, death and resurrection, and how we are forgiven for our sins and saved by faith in Him. It’s the ultimate and greatest story of all time!

Well, a while ago, I was in Medford playing soccer. In our last game, I was a little too fired up and used some words that I don't want to mention again. Right before the game I had specifically said, "Lord, I’m playing for You." After the game was over I realized that I had completely gone back on my word and let myself get caught up in the emotions of competition.

Sometimes I think we take God’s grace for granted. Yeah, we know that Jesus suffered and died for us and that we are now forgiven, but how often do we take the time to thank Him for such an awesome gift? I can’t even grasp how important that grace is. It’s too much of an amazing thing to even understand. God actually made a way for us to receive forgiveness for all of our sins, and we don’t have do to anything at all to receive it other than just believe and accept it!

Even though our sins must hurt Him so bad, especially when He has to watch us make mistakes and do wrong, He still loves us and forgives us. Even though I sometimes take this for granted, I do know that He is the reason I live—the reason I get through my day.

And I think we all need to sit still for a minute and think about the greatness of His grace and mercy. After the games that day, I took the time to ask for His forgiveness and that He would help me change that behavior. I also thanked Him for His unconditional love, which He gives to all who ask Him for it.

Today, reflect on His goodness and thank Him for His amazing grace.


1. In what ways do you take God’s grace for granted?

2. Do you ever abuse that grace by repeating the same sins over and over with the attitude that you can just ask for forgiveness and keep on sinning?

3. How often do you tell God that you truly appreciate His gift of grace and salvation? How do you display that gratitude?


Romans 6:1-14