God Entrusts


“And now at just the right time he has revealed this message, which we announce to everyone. It is by the command of God our Savior that I have been entrusted with this work for him.” -- Titus 1:3


Throughout my years of club volleyball, I was at times the Team Captain. Undeniably, it’s an integral, heightened role on the team. Unsure of myself and abilities, I felt an enormous amount of pressure and fear of failure whenever I was given the special role.

Think about it: you’re hand-chosen by the coach, who entrusts leadership, wisdom and direction to you as you and your team step onto the court. Not only do you have a responsibility to your coach, but you also have a responsibility to your team--to not let them down. It’s a big responsibility for an athlete to handle. But here’s some wisdom I’ve learned over the years--you wouldn’t have been chosen if your coach didn’t think you could do it.

The same is true with the mission God calls us to do. Did you know that God, Who created everything on His own, entrusts us—you and me—with the greatest mission ever? He entrusts us with what I like to call Kingdom work. He calls us to be stewards of the faith—people who will share the love of Jesus Christ and the truth of His Word with others.

Feel intimidated? Me too. But then I remember this wisdom—God, the Creator of you and me, would not entrust such a mission to us if he did not know we could do it.

So go forward today, competing on your field of play, embracing God’s mission. Trust His trust. Have confidence in His plan. He will not let you down.

  • Do you struggle with confidence? How can you pray about this today?
  • Do you trust God’s leadership and direction? How can you embrace His calling today?

John 20:21; Mark 16:15


“Lord, thank You for Your leadership. Thank You for crafting this plan for my life. Help me embrace this mission and have confidence in the abilities that You have given me. I love You, Amen.”

Bible Reference: 
Titus 1:3
John 20:21
Mark 16:15