Trust the Mission


“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere—in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." -- Acts 1:8


We long for significance. We long to know if what we do is making a difference and impacting lives. Whether it's starting for Varsity or winning a National Title, we long for some kind of notoriety in our sports world.

But as we compete, we also need to think about our spiritual impact. We believe He has placed a calling on our lives, but we aren’t sure what that is or how to go about it. How do we know when we are living out the mission?

Throughout history, God has taken ordinary people like us and used them in mighty ways to get His message of love and redemption to a world in need of Jesus. When we allow the Holy Spirit to transform our patterns of thought, speech and actions, we become empowered to live out the specific gifts and callings He has prepared us for. Before we can embrace our call, we must initially trust the mission. And trusting the mission begins with trusting a few basic truths from God.

God Entrusts

Yes, God can do everything Himself. He doesn’t need us, but He likes to invite us into the journey. We are co-creators and co-collaborators with Him on earth, and He entrusts us with very special missions that fit who He wants to reach and how He’s going to do it. He gives us a mission, and we obey, sometimes even before we learn the details.

Do you wonder whether God could entrust an important mission to you? Believe that He knows what He’s doing and is right there with you, sharing His plans and letting you in on His personal hope for the world and how He wants you to be a part of it.

God Equips

There’s a saying that God doesn’t call the equipped but equips the called. He looks at the heart and a willingness to follow Him. Then, when He finds those who volunteer to tell His story, He pours His Spirit into them and provides all that’s needed for that mission.

Are you fearful that your skills don’t qualify you? Don’t fret; follow Jesus—your willing heart is what He’s after. Fully embrace what God has called you to do and believe that He will give you everything you need to get the job done.

Just like how your coach equips you to carry out each play, rest assured that the King of Kings equips you to carry out the mission He calls you to.

God Expands

As we are faithful in small beginnings, God grows our mission and expands the work of our hands for His Kingdom's purposes. For all the miracles Jesus performed, He left us with the truth that in His name and by His Spirit, we can do even greater things that will impact lives and last for eternity.

Are you hesitant about how much you can do? Just look to what’s in front of you at the moment and believe that as sure as God has entrusted you with the mission and equipped you for it, He can expand your sphere of influence as He sees fit.

We want a legacy that will mark eternity. God gives us what we need to accomplish this, through His presence, strength and direction. He has something extraordinary for you. Will you believe this? Will you live your life as you believe?

Embrace your call. Trust the mission. Watch God work.

  • Do you believe God entrusts, equips and expands your mission and calling to the people around you?
  • What do you feel God has entrusted and equipped you with?
  • Make a commitment to God to live out your mission and ask Him to show you what that is today.

John 14:12; Titus 1:3; Hebrews 13:21


“Father, You believe in me because You know the way You have created me. You have placed me where I am for a purpose and placed skills and passions inside me to share with others. Will You help me see who and what are around me? Will you continue to guide me with what You have entrusted to me? Help me be faithful with what is in front of me, so You may receive glory and I can grow closer to You. In Jesus’s name, amen.”

Bible Reference: 
Acts 1:8
John 14:12
Titus 1:3
Hebrews 13:21