God Saw It


“For a man’s ways are before the Lord’s eyes, and he considers all his paths.”– Proverbs 5:21


If I’m watching a game and don’t agree with the referee’s call or lack of call, I may express my disagreement – whether right or wrong. But do you know who never misses a call or has a bad angle? God! God sees it all, and He sees it from every angle. God sees all that we do, and He examines our paths. He knows the right and wrong way to go. 

Unfortunately, we don’t always do the right thing or go the right way. When I travel to unfamiliar locations, I will seek help for directions from others, Google Maps, GPS, or an app on my phone. As we journey in life, the way can be confusing, so we may consult others who have experienced a similar life crisis or challenging moment. We hope that they will help us. But in the end, their counsel or direction may not be what we need. 

There is hope! We have a God who sees the path we should take and loves us enough to offer help! He sees that we tend to go our own way. He sees it all and sees it clearly.

God doesn’t just see what we do; He examines EVERY path we take. We think we know what is best for our life. God knows EVERY path and EVERY choice we will face. He has examined it. He knows the choices and the consequences. 

When you make a wrong turn, consult God for forgiveness. God sees our sins, our wrong turns in life, and our rebellious actions. There are no excuses worth making because He sees it all. 

As we make choices in life, consult God for direction. He clearly sees our lives and loves us enough to send Jesus Christ to save us!

  1. Who is more qualified for making decisions, God or us? 
  2. What area in your life do you need to surrender control?

Job 34:21-22; Romans 5:8


“Heavenly Father, You know me. And yet You still love me. Thank You. Show me how to walk in Your direction so that You will be glorified! Amen.”