The Right Path


"So follow the way of good people, and keep to the paths of the righteous." -Proverbs 2:20


It was the biggest race of the season. All the runners were ready to go. The rugged course was full of hills and rough terrain, but it was THE race of the year. Every runner was excited to go. With a single shot the runners raced toward the opening in the woods. Early in the race seven runners broke from the pack and came to a fork in the path. The lead runner made the choice and each runner followed in stride.

In sports today there are leaders and followers. Some leaders set a great example, but others struggle to make the right decisions, thus leading others astray. They may be leaders, but they are leading their teammates down the wrong path. Many young athletes are very impressionable. They are looking for leadership above them, and will follow those leaders on and off the floor. And it takes an athlete who is strong in mind, body and spirit to discern the right path to follow. Most can easily be led the wrong way. We need to apply today's verse and follow men and women who stay on the right paths both on and off the field of competition.

As the seven runners blazed down the path, they quickly realized they were running the wrong way. This mistake caused all seven to finish in the back of the pack, thus losing the big race. Today, ask yourself whom you are following? What paths are they taking you down? Is yours the straight and narrow path of the righteous or the wide road to destruction? If you are on the wrong path, turn around! Head back in the other direction. It is NEVER too late to turn around and go the right way! Once you are on the right path, continue to follow it until you reach your goal ... your heavenly goal.


1. Is someone leading you astray?
2. Are you leading others down the wrong path?
3. What path are you currently on, and where will it eventually lead?
4. Today, how can you start down and stay on the right path of life?


Extra Reading: Proverbs 2, Matthew 5:16, Matthew 7:13-14


Lord, thank You for being my guide through life. Help me to stay on the straight and narrow path that leads to You. Amen.

Bible Reference: 
Matthew 7