Got peace?

"For the mind-set of the flesh is death, but the mind-set of the Spirit is life and peace."

-Romans 8:6 

After a meeting, my co-worker and I stopped at one of our favorite wings places to enjoy one of God's greatest snacks. As we munched on our wings we watched the press conference about Terrell Owens and his recent pain-killer overdose, or whatever it was. Whether or not it was a suicide attempt is unclear -- T.O. denies it -- but the situation still brought up a great discussion.
Before Owens addressed the media and told everyone that it was not a suicide attempt, and while everyone still thought he had tried to kill himself, my buddy and I discussed athletes who seemingly have it all, Owens being one of them. We both were saddened by what had happened. Not because it was him or because of all the issues he's had in the past couple of years, but because it was someone who was at the pinnacle of his sport and from the outside appeared to have everything in life. But Terrell Owens was and probably still is missing one thing.
What could Terrell Owens be missing? He has it all, doesn't he? He has the life, the sport, the cars, the "bling-bling" of life. But does he have the Bread of Life and the peace that comes with it? In Romans 8, we read that the sinful life leads to death, but the life controlled by the Spirit of God breathes life and peace. Regardless of what happened, T.O. needs peace in his life.
Athletes and coaches, listen up. The pursuit of excellence in your sport is not a sin, but making it your life and your god is. Lasting happiness cannot be found in athletic victory or accomplishment. It cannot be found in things on this earth. It can only be found in an eternal relationship with Jesus Christ. Only He can bring the kind of peace that will keep you focused on what really matters.
I am sure Mr. Owens has heard the gospel from friends, family and chaplains around the league. But whether or not he has embraced the truth of the cross is the question. All accomplishment is grand, but rarely satisfying. Only Christ can provide the kind of peace required to make it while on this earth. We tend to put our trust in things of this earth -- things that do not last forever. The peace of Christ, however, will last.

I pray that T.O. pursues peace in his life. And that peace will come from Jesus Christ. 

1. Do you have peace in your life?
2. Do you know where to go for lasting peace?

3. Today, can you embrace the peace that only Christ can give? How? 

Psalm 20:7
Proverbs 3:5-6

Isaiah 31:1 

Bible Reference: 
Romans 8