Guarding the Heart


“Guard your heart above all else, for it is the source of life.” – Proverbs 4:23


The head is protected the most above every other part of an athlete’s body. Most injuries can be visibly seen: a broken bone, visible cuts or scratches, and blood. But concussions are different from other injuries. From the outside, concussions show no real visible damage. But on the inside, the brain can be extremely damaged. This is why athletes have helmets and specific rules like targeting to protect their heads above all else.

The Bible tells us to guard our hearts above all else. We aren’t getting hit by a massive defensive player daily, but we have an enemy trying his best to tackle our hearts. John 10:10 tells us that Satan is coming to steal, kill and destroy our hearts. Just like the brain, our faith may look fine when Satan attacks us from the outside. We may still pass all our classes, do well on the field, and even seem overall joyful and happy. But on the inside, our faith and hope can be damaged. So how do we protect it?

The Bible tells us in Philippians that the peace of God will guard our hearts. We get the peace of God by going to Him. We guard our hearts against the enemy by going to God in prayer, in reading His Word, and in worship. When we do this, God begins to put barriers of truth, security and strength around our hearts. So, when Satan comes attacking, we stand firm and protected. But when we don’t go to God, we put our hearts in serious trouble, leaving them unprotected against Satan’s attacks.

Protecting an athlete’s head allows them to remain safe while doing the sport God called them to. Being with God daily allows our hearts to be guarded and gives us joy to live the life God calls us to.

  • Have you ever had a concussion? How did that happen?
  • Has your heart ever been hurt? How did that happen?
  • How can you guard your heart daily with the peace of God?
  • How can the peace of God help us in our troubles?

“God, thank You for the protection You lovingly give to me. Thank You for being the God who guards my heart. Keep me safe in Your love. Amen.”