He Is for Us


“My enemies will retreat when I call to you for help. This I know: God is on my side!” – Psalm 56:9


Growing up, the most common spectator at my sporting events was my father. It could have been a track meet, soccer game or basketball game, from pee-wee league to high school, he was at every event he could attend. As I got older and the games became bigger and more important, his presence brought comfort. It was comforting to know that if all else was going wrong on the field or court, I had one fan who was there, no matter what. I’m sure that he may not have always wanted to be there, but because I was his son, he was there regardless.

My father went to be with Jesus in 2014. Still, those times of his presence, when he may not have wanted to be present, is part of my life today. When my kids have a music concert, or an athlete has life questions or a coach has relationship struggles, what my dad taught me through those childhood events lives with me today--I am as present as I can be for those people.

My father would be the first to tell us that his Heavenly Father, our Lord God, is so much better a father than he ever was. Psalm 56:9 says that God is on my side. As the verse says, we need to know this! We need to believe this! We need to trust this! Put this verse in your heart and remember that He is for you--that He sent Jesus to the cross for YOU! And remember that if all else is going wrong on the field or court or in life, you have one Fan who is there, no matter what.

  • Do you have someone in life who is there for you, no matter what? Who is it?
  • Have you ever had to be there for someone else? What happened?
  • How does it feel to know that God the Creator is for you no matter what?

Ephesians 3:18-19; Luke 15:11-32


“Father, thank You for always being for us. Thank You for the joy, comfort and strength it brings us to know You love us. In Your Son’s name we pray, Amen.”

Bible Reference: 
Psalms 56:9
Ephesians 3:18-19
Luke 15:11-32