Heart for Jesus


“He was trying to see who Jesus was, but he was not able because of the crowd, since he was a short man.” – Luke 19:3


During my sports writing career, I have been in the presence of some tall people. I have been in a room with former Houston Rockets center Yao Ming and former San Antonio Spurs center David Robinson, both more than 7-feet tall and both of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

I have done interviews with loads of players who were much taller than 6-feet. It has made me appreciate how small guys like Allen Iverson (a mere 6-feet even) can dominate a game with those guys around. Being only 6-feet tall made Iverson work all the harder to be as good as he was.

Christ does not want us to learn a bunch of Bible facts or spend endless hours in prayer just because we should. Yes, we should study and pray, but that is to help us toward our main goal: the pursuit of Jesus.

In Luke 19, we learn of Zaccheus, a tax collector in Jericho who was short. When Jesus came through town, Zaccheus wanted to see Him so badly that he climbed a tree to see over the crowd. What a sight that must have been: a grown man climbing a tree. Jesus knew Zaccheus’ heart and invited Himself to his house. Zaccheus became a believer!

Remember, it is never the size of your knowledge of the Bible or your stacks of hours in meditation that bring you closer to Jesus. Is your heart truly and wholly seeking Him? If so, then you will find Him.

  • Who is the largest person, teammate or opponent you’ve played against?
  • Is your heart truly and wholly seeking Jesus?
  • Take a moment and reflect on question No. 2 and be honest with yourself.

“Father, I don’t want to just drone through Your Word and give long prayers. Help me to seek You with my whole life. Help me to find You. In His name, I pray, Amen.”