Humility Personified


Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, so that He may exalt you in due time. — 1 Peter 5:6


I stood at his grave in a beautiful cemetery. His grave was inconspicuous. The marker was very simple, with only his name on it. It was a moving experience for me.

I had first met this man eleven years before his death. For years I had watched and admired him from a distance and never dreamed I would get to meet him. In fact, I actually got to be with him on several occasions over the years. I cannot say I knew him well, but I was as impressed after getting to know him as I was prior to knowing him. He was a man of character, integrity, and humility. He was real. He was down to earth.

He had achieved much in life. In human terms, he was extremely successful. He had risen to the height of his profession. Yet, despite his accomplishments, one would not know by just talking to him that he was something special. I am sure he appreciated the honors he received, but I heard him say more than once that there was one thing that stood head and shoulders above all else he had accomplished—being a disciple of Jesus Christ. All the honors he received would some day perish. The honor of having Christ in his heart would last an eternity. This man was not caught up in our materialistic world. He knew he was only passing through this life. He did not get caught up in himself. He got caught up in Christ. His life showed it.

As I stood at his grave, I reflected. The grave’s simplicity truly fit this man. He was humble even in death. The marker on the grave simply read: Thomas W. Landry.

Coach, we miss you. Thanks for being a wonderful servant.


1. What does it mean to be humble?
2. What does it mean to be real?
3. Why do we sometimes get caught up in the materialism and accolades of this world?
4. How can you help your players be humble and real and not be caught up in this world?


Extra Reading Mark 10:35–45; Philippians 2:1–18


Father, You know the real me. Help me be real to others, humble, and what You want me to be. Amen.