Happy is the nation whose God is the LORD—the people He has chosen to be His own possession! — Psalm 33:12


In the sixth game of the 1998 NBA finals between the Utah Jazz and the Chicago Bulls, Scottie Pippen was suffering great pain in his lower back as a result of taking charges in game three. The Bulls medical staff worked on Pippen during halftime so he felt well enough to start the second half. Michael Jordan commented about Pippen, “We knew Scottie was hurting, and just his presence gave us a lift, offensively, defensively, and emotionally.” What a testimony of one player’s influence on his team. Of course, the Bulls won the game and the 1998 NBA title.

Often we Christians do not realize the great influence we have over people. Our attitudes, our expressions, and our Christlike spirit affect everyone we meet. We owe them our best and that, in its highest sense, can only be when Christ is Lord of our lives.

Nothing is so attractive as real joy. With a joyful heart and a radiant face, our presence is like sunshine on a cloudy day. Christian joy from the Holy Spirit in our hearts is deep and permanent. It creates a spiritual glow, which—without words—speaks of Christ to others.


1. How has the Lord used you today to touch someone’s life?
2. Do you ask the Lord to show you those people who need a lift? If, not, why not?


Extra Reading: Matthew 9:1–8; Acts 2:41–47


Lord, I know there are those around me every day who have needs. Give me the courage to influence them for You. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Bible Reference: 
Acts 2