If He snatches something, who can stop Him? Who can ask Him, “What are you doing?” — Job 9:12


During football, soccer, and hockey games, the course of the game can change quickly. Success is often the result of an interception that leads to a score and victory. God can also intercept our life. When we think that everything is going wrong, God finds a way to get our attention. It may be by a circumstance or someone He strategically puts in our life. The next time you see a defensive player intercept a ball or a puck, watch and see what happens next. They are congratulated by their teammates and the change of momentum will often lead to a score and victory. When it is needed, don’t be surprised if God intercepts your life.


1. Name situations or plays in games that change the momentum.
2. What are circumstances in your life that suddenly turned around?
3. What explanation do you have for a sudden change of events?


Extra Reading: Proverbs 3:5; 1 Corinthians 15:57; 1 John 5:4


Lord, thank You for the grace and mercy that You have given to me in such abundance. Thank You for being strong when I am weak and for overcoming all obstacles in my life. Amen.