Greater Potential


“Jesus spoke to them again: ‘I am the light of the world. Anyone who follows me will never walk in the darkness but will have the light of life.’” -- John 8:12


In any competitive sport, the goal is to defeat your opponent within the rules of the given sport. The joy of sport is when we have given everything that we have and emerge victoriously. The exhilaration is powerful—so much so that we can’t wait until the next game or match.

During competition, there are peaks and valleys that we have to endure; we call them momentum swings. When the momentum is on our side, we feel invincible and our opponent feels vulnerable. 

Our mistake as Christ-followers is assuming too much credit when we win and too much blame when we lose. Respectively, when we win and when we lose, we have an opponent whose goal is to take away our humility and sink us into utter despair. This opponent wants to keep us from depending on the Lord for provision and strength and wants us to wallow in self-pity and unworthiness.

But when we focus on the true source of victory in Jesus, we can overcome any opponent. In John 8:12, Jesus promises a well-lit path and a safe landing. We can fully trust in this based on Christ’s sacrificial love and promise of salvation for our lives.

As we compete, let’s remember that through Christ and Christ alone, we have victory over opponents who seek to draw us away from this safe place. Our victory comes from the One who lives in us Who is greater than anyone or anything else.

When we achieve victory in competition, it is the Lord who gives us the ability. Compete today knowing that you have greater potential in Christ than any worldly promise or victory.

  • Describe a time when you and/or your team gave everything you had to achieve victory.
  • How is God teaching you to trust Him in victory and loss?  

“Father, thank You for the greater potential you offer me. Teach me to be humble in victory and hopeful in defeat. I thank You that the Holy Spirit lives in me to help me overcome the world and things or people that want to keep me from You. I know that I am an overcomer because of Jesus’ work on the cross and His resurrection. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”