Leader of the Race


“This God, our God forever and ever – he will always lead us.” -- Psalm 48:14


There is a man who runs marathons. Although that doesn’t seem like a big deal because many people run marathons, this specific man is blind. Now that’s a big deal!

His brother runs in front of him, and they have a rope that ties them together. The man is completely dependent on his brother. He goes where his brother goes. He follows the path his brother is on. He cannot see where he is going or how far he has gone, and he doesn’t know how long he has left. He can only rely on the words of his brother: “You can do it; we are getting closer.”

As Christian athletes, we are tied to God through our relationships with Jesus and the Holy Spirit. It is this rope that directs us, corrects us, protects us and inspects us. Too often we try to go down our own path, but the gentle, and sometimes hard, nudge of our Head Coach brings us back.

We don’t have to worry about our upcoming season, our teammates, or our futures as coaches or athletes. Jesus is already preparing us for the path ahead. We have peace in the knowledge that we don’t have to know where we are going or run this race alone. We just have to follow the One in the lead.

  • Are you allowing God to take the lead for you as you compete?
  • In what ways can you help lead your teammates in their walk with Christ?

“Lord, lead me in all Your ways as an athlete and follower of You. Amen.”