Lessons from a Morning Run


“Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.” Psalm 27:14


I wake up to the sound of a jingle coming from my chocolate lab’s collar at the foot of my bed. Abbie is rustling around getting ready for a new day and soon makes her way over to my side of the bed. She sits looking up at me waiting to see if I’m going to join her. After all, it’s a beautiful new day created by the beautiful One.

With Abbie in tow I head out of the driveway for my morning run along a dirt road. The road seems to play out my life with each step I take. It is uneven and filled with deep holes, and I know that at any moment I could trip and fall. But I have faith in God’s path and direction, and I press onward responding to His call.

As I trek along I pass a stack of hay bales stacked in a corner of an open field, which are ready to be used. Glancing over the field I notice a number of other bales that still lay out in the field waiting to be harvested. God seems to speak to me: “I’ve put many in your path to reach and save. It’s not your job to question why, just help with the harvest.”

I continue on, my muscles start to ache and tighten and the thought of slowing a bit crosses my mind. From behind, Abbie suddenly races by me brushing my side and taking the lead. She glances back as if to say, “God wants your best!” She inspires me to push harder. She doesn’t allow me to catch her, but she never slows and keeps the pace right in front of me. My pup just appreciates the air she breaths and the fact that she’s alive.

Geese fly overhead as I round the final bend. They break apart from each other and make adjustments, but they always come back to formation. Brokenness… It’s something I never really want, but something God has used to make needed adjustments in my life. He shows me those who have flown behind me in support and those who fly ahead to bring me hope, laughter and inspiration. Taking a moment, I thank God and pray for blessings in their lives.

Finishing my run, I stop and take a deep breath. The smell of fresh rainfall mixed with the prairie grass fills my lungs. I glance along the horizon, and God’s grace seems to shine along the mountainside as the sun rises upward. I am still. The Holy Spirit fills my heart with joy unspeakable.

  1. Are you allowing God to truly make needed adjustments in your heart and life, or do you just draw close to Him when you need comfort?
  2. What opportunities has God given you to harvest someone who is still laying out in the field? What are some simple things you can do to show them who God is and what He can do in their lives?
  3. In what areas of your life has God’s grace shined on you? Which areas do you take for granted?
  4. Do you truly give God your best in everything you do? In what areas could you do better?

Psalm 40:5
Hebrews 11:1
Hebrews 11:6
James 4:7-8

Bible Reference: 
James 4