Nightmare Food Processor Smoothie

You can call this game whatever you like - "Vegetable Medley," "Nightmare Food Processor Smoothie" 

Line up kids in two long rows facing each other. The person across from you is your partner. 
Object – make a nasty combination of two foods based on your partner’s shirt colors. Plays like Password
Example: Partner A sees that partner B has yellow in his shirt, so Partner A has to come up with a food of that color and say it to their partner.  ‘Lemon…..” she says, waiting on a response. Partner B sees that Partner A has on green, so he says “turnips” … which results in a nasty combination. 
After 15 seconds, have everyone in line B slide to the left and start again. 
Other examples: 
Chocolate squash
Grape lima beans
Banana pickles
Ketchup watermelon
After 2 minutes it’s time to “mix it up”… Pick a color (white for example)
“Time to mix up the groups “– Tell everyone wearing white to go and stand to the left of someone wearing yellow or green.   In 5 seconds….start again.
Can lead into talks about NUTRITION, DIET, etc.
Possible Biblical reference:  Daniel 1 describes how Daniel refused to defile himself eating the King's food.  
Possible Devotional follow-up
Athletes have to consider and watch what they eat all the time.  They count calories, maximize their energy intake, and know what bulks their bodies up.  How much do we consider what we take in spiritually?  We stuff ourselves with whatever tastes good at the moment (television, music, internet) and end up letting God have the last opportunity to "feed us."  We're so full we don't have time for reading chapters in the Bible, and end up just glancing over one scripture verse.  We don't purpose to pray on our knees regularly.  We fill ourselves with so much junk!  We casually look over pornograghy and never feed ourselves with the good food of Scripture, which cleanses us.  We fill our appetites with gossip, and end up feeling too guilty to pray.
Cleanse yourselves.  Be Holy as God is Holy.  Consider what you feed yourself with spiritually.
Length 15 minutes
Physical Activity Level Low
Group Size Both
Bible Reference: 
Daniel 1