Let Your Banner Fly


"Let us shout for joy at your victory and lift the banner in the name of our God. May the Lord fulfill all your requests."
-Psalm 20:5


You will find them on fields and in arenas, flying high to represent honor, pride and love. What could I be talking about but those huge banners and school flags that are so visible in sports today? These banners are flown proud and freely as if to say, "This is our team and our house. Much is at stake." These truly are a sight to see.

In the past, you would see these banners in different situations. In war, you would find a flag bearer marching in the front of his troops to show the opponent what they were up against. Over stately manors, you would see the family banner raised and flying proudly to represent the honor and heritage within the home, which is not unlike the stadium banners today. This raises an important question. What banner are you flying over your house? Not your real house, but your spiritual house? Is it a banner bearing a skull and crossbones because of your anger, sin and pride? Or do you have a banner of love because of your desire to show all Who resides in your spiritual house? Can those around you see your banner flying? Can they tell that you walk with Christ? Or do they sense the gloom and doom that spills from your spirit?

Just as schools across the country wave their banners proudly, our Father in Heaven wants us to do the same for Him. How can you display your banner? One great way is by your love! Jesus said that others would know His followers by their love for each other. Be proud of who you are as a believer! Wave your banner! You get excited when your team scores a basket or touchdown, don't you? Shouldn't you do the same for Christ? Today, fly your banner high for Him!


1. When you see your school's banners being raised high, how does that make you feel?
2. What kind of banner is flying in your spiritual house?
3. Today, how can you actively start to fly your banner of love for Christ?


Song of Solomon 2:4
Matthew 5:13-16
John 13:35

Bible Reference: 
John 13