Luke 6:31


Luke 6:31  Do to others as you would have them do to you.


Hockey Chat:  Knowing what to count on from your line mates also helps them to know what to count on from you.  You’ve probably seen guys that work great together and always seem to be in the right place.  That’s because the treat their linemate as an extension of themselves by being where they are needed and making the play happen knowing that others will be there too. 


Life Lesson:  Treating others with the same respect lets them know that they can count on you as their brethren. In turn, you know you can lean on them in the same way. That trust in a relationship between spouses, line mates, and members of the family of God builds us up with confidence that we have our Father in Heaven and our Brothers and Sisters here on earth that are part of His family.

Bible Reference: 
Luke 6