Never, Never Quit


"Blessed is a man who endures trials, because when he passes the test he will receive the crown of life that He has promised to those who love Him."
-James 1:12


This year, the world of baseball gave us a very good example of perseverance. The Boston Red Sox, down three games to none against the New York Yankees, did not quit. They defied the odds and made something happen — something their organization had been incapable of doing for 86 years. They won the World Series. The Red Sox dug in and won eight straight games against probably the two best teams in baseball, the Yankees and the St. Louis Cardinals.

In James 1:12 it talks about not giving up and not giving in, but rather facing the struggles of life that come at us through temptation. The evil one sends things to throw us off track and to discourage us. And only through God can we reach goals in our lives. By letting God come in and take control, we can accomplish what He wants for us.

Starting the day feeling God's presence, having that assurance that He is with you and going into that game feeling confident, things will be different. Feeling that extra boost of confidence, energy and assurance that is God working within you to build you up will encourage you to never, never give up. You CAN receive that good and perfect gift from above.


1. Are you giving your daily struggles to God?
2. Are you spending time in prayer, asking for His leading?
3. Are you studying His Word, and allowing Him to speak to you through the Bible?


1 Corinthians 9:25
James 1:13

Bible Reference: 
James 1