A New Way


 “For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.” -- Isaiah 43:19


Have you ever thought there has to be a new way, maybe a better way, in leading or coaching? As a sports coach trying to excel, I have asked myself that many times. Five years ago, I began to look at my life and the way I was leading my staff, asking if there was a new or better way to lead my team. And the answer was YES. God wanted to do something new in me like Isaiah talked about in verse 43:19. And the best news, God wants to do something new in you too!

Instead of coaching the traditional way, which is leading by simply telling others what to do, I took a more robust, defined way to lead. This new way includes three phases:

  • First, you must pause to think about and ultimately accept the new possibilities (outcomes) that come with changing the way you lead. In other words, you must have an open mind to change.
  • Then, you must ensure that your head and heart are in the right position to lead others effectively—that is, you must ensure that your head and heart are leading others not for your own personal gain but for the growth and improvement of others.
  • The final step is learning the process of “The Coach Approach,” which focuses on listening, being curious and asking powerful questions.

We often want better or more significant results than what we’re currently getting, but we aren’t often willing to change to get different results. I heard former FCA President and coach Les Steckel once say, “We all want progress; it’s change we don’t like.” How true!

As you coach today, I challenge you to make a change and step into a new way to lead others.


  • As a leader (coach or athlete), how can you lead better? Would you change anything? Why or why not?
  • Out of listening, being curious or asking powerful questions, which of those areas need the most improvement for you personally? Why?
  • What is one action step you can take to implement “The Coach Approach” of leading others?

Isaiah 42:9; Mark 4:26-28; John 7:37-39


“Lord, I know You want to do a new work in me and my team. Open my heart and eyes to new ways to lead others. Show me how to listen better, be more curious and ask powerful questions. I love You, Lord.  Amen!”

Bible Reference: 
Isaiah 43:19
Isaiah 42:9
Mark 4:26-28
John 7:37-39