No Fear


There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear.
1 John 4:18, NKJV 


I was in graduate school when the dean from a Christian college where I was working asked me to coach the women’s field hockey team (the team’s head coach had fallen ill). Although I loved playing field hockey, I had never considered coaching. But the players were due to arrive in two days, the dean looked desperate, and I didn’t have the heart to say no. I knew the game like a close friend—how hard could it be?

Staring at the 25 women on that hot August morning—and with a week of training and a season of games ahead—I realized that I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing! Fear gripped me. I faked my way through the first day and stayed up all night prepping for the next week. Finally I prayed for help, telling God that I needed an experienced assistant.

Two weeks later, the dean found my assistant. On the day of practice, he walked toward the field with a guitar slung over his shoulder and a smile on his face. He said he knew nothing about field hockey but that he was ready to help!

My minstrel/assistant coach decided to begin each practice and game with a team song he wrote called “No Fear,” which was based on 1 John 4:18 and 2 Timothy 1:7. Ironic choice, I thought. Every day, I stood on that field, sang those verses and remembered to love, not fear—to claim God’s spirit of power and not be timid.

God did not send what I thought I needed that season, but He gave me what got me through: His promises in Jesus Christ. To think He even had the good humor to set it all to music on a hockey field!


1. When you’ve cried to God for help, what (or whom) did He send?
2. How would having a spirit of power, love and discipline affect your coaching today?
3. How can you love your team and help them to have a spirit of love instead of timidity? 


Psalm 121:1-2
Isaiah 41:10-14
Matthew 14:30-31
2 Timothy 1:7
Hebrews 4:15-16 


Lord Jesus, fill me with Your spirit of love, power and discipline. Take my fear and send Your perfect help! Amen. 

Bible Reference: 
1 John 4