Old School


For I desire loyalty and not sacrifice, the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings.–Hosea 6:6


Loyalty is essential in the world of sports. It is unswerving, unshakeable faithfulness at all times. There should be no denying our loyalty to our team. Today, athletes and coaches change schools, teams, and programs at the drop of a hat. It seems loyalty is a thing of the past—old school. But for the success of a team, loyalty is imperative!

Loyalty needs to become new school. For athletes and coaches to rediscover this lost quality, we need to remember three things:Give loyalty to get loyalty. In Chronicles 12:33, David’s soldiers fought with undivided loyalty. David was totally loyal to his soldiers, so in battle they gave it back. It starts with us. God desires that we be loyal to our coaches and teammates. Loyalty is all or none. There is no such thing as almost loyal or kind-of loyal.

Don’t be disloyal to teammates. In Mark 14:18, one of Jesus’ twelve team members did the unthinkable and betrayed Him. We need to ask God’s help to remain loyal. There is never a reason to be disloyal.

Place our loyalty in Jesus Christ. If we have a heart that loves God, then it is hard to be disloyal to others. If there is a conflict of loyalty, we must obey Jesus at all costs, even if it hurts!


1. What one word best defines loyalty?
2. Who is the most loyal person you know? What makes them loyal?
3. When has loyalty proved costly?
4. Are you a loyal person?
5. What does it mean to be loyal in your spiritual life?


Extra Reading: Ruth 1:16-17; Psalm 31:23-24


Jesus, teach me daily how to have unswerving, unshakeable loyalty. May my words and actions demonstrate this to my coaches and teammates. Most importantly, I want to be loyal to You. Amen.