Whose side are you on?


"Though all the peoples each walk in the name of their gods, we will walk in the name of Yahweh our God forever and ever."
-Micah 4:5 


It was a beautiful day in the Windy City. A hot dog, a Pepsi and a ballgame at Wrigley Field. . . What could be better? The game was going just as I wanted it to go. My team was scoring run after run, but the crowd was turning ugly. People were getting upset and starting to leave. Finally, after he'd had just about enough, the little boy sitting next to me pulled on my sleeve and asked, "Mister, who are you cheering for anyway?" You see, I am Reds fan, and the Reds handled the Cubs that day pretty easily. I left the game a happy fan.

As we live our lives today, we will choose what side we want to be on. We may say it with our mouths, but our actions and lifestyles will show everyone who we really follow. In the verse above, Micah was telling people that in the future some people would chase things of the day, but his people will follow the Lord forever and ever. What is your life saying about whom you follow?

At the Cubs game, it was evident to the young fan where my allegiance was, but what about with my allegiance to Christ? Does it show that easily? And does my loyalty to Him show in my everyday life (i.e. my pocketbook, my hobbies, my leisure time, my time with Him, etc.)? Can people look at my life and see whose side I am on? You see, God's Word says that you either follow Christ, or you follow the darkside. It is that simple. My prayer is that people can see you and me and know that we follow Christ. And it is our daily pursuit of Him that will help us to show that loyalty.

If you are having a problem walking the side of truth and light, ask yourself today whose side you are on right now. The things of this world look great on the outside, but only Jesus can satisfy forever and ever! 


1. Are you trying to be on both teams?
2. Do you find yourself being pulled in by the world (darkside of life)?
3. Today, how can you place all your allegiance to Christ? 


Joshua 24:15
Ephesians 6:7
James 4:4 

Bible Reference: 
James 4