Our Only Work


Jesus told them “This is the only work God wants from you: Believe in the one He has sent”  - John 6:29


Jesus has just finished performing tangible and unquestionable miracles witnessed by thousands of people by feeding them and in front of His disciples; He walked on rough sea. The people Jesus fed did everything possible to find him, not because of Him, but because of what they could get from Him. Jesus, being the direct man that He is, answered them in a way they didn’t expect. He addressed them according to their hearts and not according to their efforts… to see HIM.

As athletes, sometimes it is almost impossible to focus on the personal relationship and fellowship with Jesus because our focus is on winning. So, calling on Jesus becomes like a means to victory and not because He is our all in all. The only one thing God wants from us is simply to believe in Jesus and work as ambassadors by helping others to believe in Him too, then the other things that men pursue will follow through as we journey with Him. That’s total surrender, dependency and trust, not just a means to an end of which we will always be disappointed.

Surrender and dependence on Jesus is the only one thing God desires of us. If we do so intentionally, transformation of lives, both ours and other peoples, becomes inevitable.

  1. Where is your primary focus as an athlete?
  2. If Jesus were to stand in front you, what would He say about your pursuit of Him?
  3. Is your surrender and dependence on Christ contagious to others around you

John 14:1-14; Matthew 6:31-33; John 9:4


Father, please help me to be able to set my priorities of my heart for Jesus Christ right even in the mist of impossibilities.

Bible Reference: 
John 14:1-14
Matthew 6:31-33
John 9:4