Peace to You


He said, “Don’t be afraid, you who are treasured by God. Peace to you; be very strong!” As he spoke to me, I was strengthened and said, “Let my lord speak, for you have strengthened me.”–Daniel 10:19


Sometimes we are up against opponents who may seem insurmountable, like an all-state player to guard or an all-conference tackle who has completely buried us in the past. Sports psychologists and coaches agree that the way we prepare for competition determines how we will perform in the heat of battle.

Daniel saw a vision of how the world was going to end and was so frightened he was shaking. An angel placed his hand on Daniel’s shoulder and reminded him of a few things.

Don’t be afraid. That is a command, not a suggestion. Our training prepares us to meet any challenge. We may not overcome every opponent, but as children of God, we do not need to have fear. God treasures us. He loves us very dearly and will take care of us.

God gives us peace. No matter what happens, God is in control and with us at all times. His incredible peace can only be given to those who know Him.

Be very strong. How? Remember God’s promises: we don’t have to be afraid; He treasures us; and He gives us peace.

Do these promises mean we will always beat our opponents? Not necessarily. But with God in our hearts and a clear understanding of who He is and what He can do, something incredible just might happen.


1. How do you react when a situation is out of your control?
2. Do you have the peace that the Bible promises?


Psalms 27:1; 29:11; 119:165


Heavenly Father, thank You for this reminder that I am Your treasured child. Help me stand strong in Your promises and deliver me from all fear. Thank You for living in my heart. Continue to teach me how to walk in Your ways. Amen

Bible Reference: 
Daniel 10