“If you want to be perfect,” Jesus said to him, “go, sell your belongings and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow Me.”–Matthew 19:21


My son, C.J., had an interesting experience. Last year, his fifth grade tackle football team verbalized their preseason goals to be undefeated and un-scored upon. They achieved their goals—a perfect season. This year, they set the same goals and almost achieved them. (One team finally scored one touchdown.) The Bobcats had to “settle” for a second undefeated championship season. In their minds it was not perfect because someone scored on them.

The Bible tells about a man who approached Jesus. This “young man” who “had many possessions,” was on a mission to be perfect, thinking this would merit him eternal life. Our Lord could see one thing lacking in this man. Actually, the man seemed to recognize something was lacking as well. He wouldn’t give up everything for the Lord.

I wonder if we are perceptive enough to see what the Lord sees in us. Do we recognize the things that keep us from following Jesus perfectly?

When Jesus exposed the imperfection in this man’s life, he went away grieving. In this case, the issue was his love of possessions; but each of us has at least one thing that has the potential to rival our love and commitment to Christ. Jesus revealed that thing to this man, and he had to respond. While we don’t know the ending for him, we can hope that he returned to Jesus for the perfect relationship he was looking for—just like we can if we give it all up and follow Him.


1. Are there things keeping you from living completely for Christ?
2. Why aren’t you changing those behaviors?
3. What will it take for you to give up those patterns and live for Christ?


Matthew 6:33; 1 Corinthians 9:24-27


Lord, please help me to give up everything so I can follow You. Help me to see what You see. Amen.