Personal Devotion


"You reveal the path of life to me; in Your presence is abundant joy; in Your right hand are eternal pleasures." — Psalm 16:11


David believed in both personal and corporate worship, and therefore his public life reflected his private life. In fact, David’s love for God affected the worship of an entire nation. We read in 1 Chronicles 16 how the nation of Israel brought the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem, and as a result, David called upon key worship leaders to sing and make music to the Lord. “On that day David decreed for the first time that thanks be given to the LORD by Asaph and his relaives” (1 Ch 16:7). Given that David was a musician and songwriter and Asaph was a worship leader, the psalm in 1 Chronicles 16 is filled with praise and thanksgiving. It was set to music and sung before the people. By observing this and other aspects of David’s personal life, we will grow in our devotion and praise to God.

First, David recorded the attitudes of his heart. Reading the psalms written by David is like reading his spiritual journal. We can keep our own journal as a way to monitor our spiritual growth and to remember what God has taught us. We can use something as simple as a notebook to record our praise, questions, and prayer requests.

Second, David’s private worship impacted his public life. When we meditate on God’s greatness in a private way, it will spill over into our public life. David could accomplish what he did because he communicated with God privately.

Third, music was a vital aspect of David’s praise. Many macho coaches think singing is for the weak; however, singing is a powerful way of expressing praise to God. God calls us to make a joyful noise to Him.

Finally, David rejoiced because worship inevitably brings joy into our lives. When we worship God by meditating on His Word, we experience joy. A joyous life influences others for the Lord.


1. What are some things you do to express your worship?
2. Does your public life reflect your private communication with God?
3. Are you experiencing a joyous life?


Extra Reading: 1 Chronicles 16:1–43; Psalm 16


Dear Lord, bless me with the joy of being privately in Your presence each day so my public life will honor You. Amen.