The Power of Belief


“So we see that they were unable to enter because of their unbelief.” -- Hebrews 3:19


When I first started mountain biking, a friend watching me said, “It’s like watching a baby deer trying to learn how to walk.” I could barely keep my bike in a straight line, and I ran into the bushes on a flat trail. I was certainly not a “natural.” But boy, did I believe that I would improve. Because of this belief, I did!

I loved biking and slowly I gained skills. Now, I race in the Montana Enduro Series and I love riding the hardest trails that I can find. My mountain-biking journey was not unusual. Many athletes can attest to the value of persevering belief despite, or sometimes in spite of the odds. Belief is incredibly powerful, and it can either work for you or against you.

The stark contrast between the benefits or drawbacks of belief is a tale as old as time. Rewind to about 3,500 years ago to the Israelites in the wilderness. Unfortunately, because they chose to not believe that God really would do what He promised them, they suffered the consequences of their unbelief. They looked at the obstacles rather than the promise God had given to them. Their lack of belief was utterly devastating and resulted in a self-fulfilling prophecy, in which they did not receive the blessing that God had desired and intended for them.

Hebrews 3:7-19 warns those who are in Christ to not make this same mistake in our walk with Him. Belief is key to successfully walking out our faith rather than just struggling through it. It requires simple child-like faith to take hold of the indescribable realities of being a child of God.

Do we really believe that Jesus is our Savior, friend and intercessor? Do we really believe that the Holy Spirit does and will speak to us when we read the Word and listen to the various ways that He speaks? Do we really believe that God loves us enough to have commanded His only Son to go and die on a cross, taking upon himself the weight of the sins of all humanity? Was the God of the universe really willing to let His own Son die because of His love for us? Take time to ponder these questions with an open heart and willing spirit.

The fruit of belief is peace and joy, and the fruit of unbelief is frustration and anxiety/despair. When we call upon His name, we are saved eternally and moment by moment in this life.

  • How can the power of belief strengthen your team and your Christian walk?
  • In what ways can you keep unbelief from derailing your goals in your sport and in your faith?

“Gracious Heavenly Father, thank You that You have given me so much to believe in. Help me to remember that it is You who helps and teaches me to believe. Just as the man with the epileptic son cried out in Mark, ‘I believe; help my unbelief!’ Please help me to do the same. Amen.”