Power Play


"When Haman saw that Mordecai was not bowing down or paying him homage, he was filled with rage." –Esther 3:5


Hannah made the varsity tennis team as a sophomore, eventually beating Mindy, a senior, for the number two singles spot. Hannah became very arrogant in her new position of power, bossing her teammates around and telling them to do things for her. When Mindy did not budge, Hannah became angry. She would do anything to make Mindy look bad in front of the coaches. Mindy did not retaliate; she went about her business playing doubles in her final year. Hannah would not let up. Her dislike for Mindy turned into hate, and she tried to get Mindy kicked off the team. Does this sound familiar?

How about Esther’s story? A ruthless and arrogant man named Haman rose in power to become second in command. He demanded respect and enforced his power over the people. But Mordecai, Esther’s cousin did not give in. Haman hated Mordecai and the Jewish race and wanted to kill them all. Haman thought too much of himself and eventually became his own worst enemy, dying on the very gallows he built to hang Mordecai.

Hannah’s plan to get rid of Mindy backfired, and she was kicked off the team for her attitude and hatred. Mindy regained her position and began to win for her team. Hannah, like Haman, got what she deserved. Power and self-importance are the downfall of many. Mindy, like Mordecai, held her ground, had self-respect, and followed a better plan.


1. How much of Hannah or Haman is inside of you?
2. Do you desire to control others or let others control you?
3. Do you want to take revenge when your pride is attacked?


2 Chronicles 26


Lord, I confess that I often want to be in total control. Sometimes I even want to control others. Forgive me, for I know that You are the only One in total control. Help me to release all things to You. Amen.

Bible Reference: 
Esther 3