Shield of Love


“But you, O Lord, are a shield around me; you are my glory, the one who holds my head high.” -- Psalms 3:3


Once on a rather hot summer day, I went for a run. Halfway in, I quickly began to realize I was becoming dizzy, tired, and weak. The heat was getting to me and getting to me fast. I frantically scanned the area for something that provided shade so I could escape from the exhausting heat. To the left of me was a mighty oak tree, providing at least six feet of coverage. Once I reached the base of the tree, I collapsed and leaned my head back, allowing the tree to hold all my weight. I then opened my eyes and realized I was in complete shade; the tree was acting as a shield to the unending summer heat.

Let’s face it, our lives are filled with moments of exhaustion: school, essays, projects, workouts, practices, games, social media, family conflict, drama, relationship problems, and so on. We need somewhere to run, somewhere that will shield us from the things beating us down. God is that place. He is our shield of protection. He promises that He will be there, ready to hold our head high and provide protection from all sides. Just like that tree I sought out for shade and protection, God is sturdy, strong, and a place we can rest under for all our days.

When we rest in the shadow of His shade, we are resting in His glory and protection. We can lean our head back, smile, and let His unending shield do what He promised.

Pursue a life in the shadow of the Cross.

  • What does it mean that God is a shield around us?
  • Has there ever been a time you have felt His protection?
  • What things do you need protection from?

Psalms 5:12; Psalms 18:2; Psalms 16:8


“God, I need Your protection and glory to surround me. Not just on the days I need it, but always.”

Bible Reference: 
Psalms 3:3
Psalms 5:12
Psalms 18:2
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