Small Plays – Big Victory


“…don’t give the Devil an opportunity.” -- Ephesians 4:27


In the 1980s, the San Francisco 49ers made popular what became known as the West Coast Offense, an offense characterized by short, controlled pass plays that gained only five to six yards. By running such low-risk plays, San Francisco nibbled away at their opponents. Their strategy earned the team five Super Bowl titles between 1982 and 1995.

Sports highlight shows are filled with replays of big plays. Although these are exciting, rarely is a sporting event won in a single play. Certainly, the big play may put the nail in the coffin of an opponent, but often there are several small plays that lead to the loser’s demise. The key to winning often involves staying close to the opposing team, nibbling away at them until success is reached. This allows the team to capitalize on the mistakes of their opponents and benefit from the opportunities that they are given.

As Christians, our opponent uses a similar strategy. If we allow Satan to “stay close,” he’ll find a way to break down our defense. He doesn’t need the big play to be successful, only enough small plays to capitalize on our mistakes. To overcome this strategy, we must put him away early in the game, remembering that Jesus has already won the victory. 

Every questionable move, small lie, and fit of anger keeps our opponent in the game. But by confessing our sins and focusing our lives on the power of the cross, we leave the enemy in the dust!

  • Are there people or things in your life that are nibbling away at you?
  • How do you overcome opponents, or even teammates, who might be doing the same thing?

“Lord, help me to stay close to You today and live in the freedom of Your grace! Amen.”