Superstar or Superstition


Mark 7:13 Thus you nullify the word of God by your tradition that you have handed down.




Hockey Chat:  There are a lot of superstitions and traditions that the NHL players have.  On the Blackhawks, John Madden used to change his laces every single time he skated. Patrick Sharp always wears his headphones with his iPod on before the game.  Brian Campbell doesn't like anyone touching the knob of his stick before the game, or he has to re-tape it.  Brent Seabrook gets ready at the exact same time every game. Tomas Kopecky during warm-ups always spits on all four faceoff circles.  But regardless of whatever superstitions these guys have, there core ability is what makes them great players.


Life Lesson:  Every church creates traditions over time.  They may even conjure up some personal beliefs into the church doctrine. We do this on a smaller scale even in our own lives. But no matter what extra ideas seem to surface, always remember the true truth is found in the Bible and read God’s word.  Let that be your true guide to life and the core of your faith.

Bible Reference: 
Mark 7