Support System


“When Moses’s hands grew heavy, they took a stone and put it under him, and he sat down on it. Then Aaron and Hur supported his hands, one on one side and one on the other so that his hands remained steady.” – Exodus 17:12


The athletic world is one of the most community-focused worlds. In athletics, a player has a coaching staff, teammates, trainers and fans cheering them on. The higher one goes up in the athletic field, the bigger the community becomes. No athlete does their sport alone; someone is always helping, coaching or cheering them on. No athlete can be apart from their community.

In the Bible, Moses had a community. There was a time when God commanded him to go and hold his staff up high. Obeying God, he held up his staff, but his arms quickly grew tired. His two friends, Aaron and Hur, ran to give him a stone to sit on. Then, they held up the arms of Moses, allowing relief and support to their dear friend. Moses couldn’t have done it alone.

When we go to the very beginning of the Bible, we see the first thing that God says isn’t good. Surprisingly, it isn’t sin like we might think. The very first thing God says isn’t good is for man to be alone. From the very start, God planned for us to live in community, to be surrounded by people who help us, coach us, teach us, fight beside us, and walk in this life lifting our arms. When we grow weary, our community is there. When we suffer, our community is there. When we need accountability, our community is there. When we win or lose, our community is there.

If we take a moment and look at our days both in our sport and lives, God has sent someone to be our community, our Aaron and Hur, to help us not do this life alone.

  • Who do you have in your life and sport to bring you community?
  • Name two people/teammates who are like Aaron and Hur for you.
  • Have you thanked the people who walk alongside you?
  • How can you help others and bring community to their lives?

“God, thank You for those whom You have put into my life. Thank You for my coaches, teammates, family, friends and everyone who comes alongside me and supports me. Help me be the community for other people, supporting them and loving them as well. Amen.”