The Three D's of Devotion


"I long for Your salvation, Lord,
and Your instruction is my delight.
Let me live, and I will praise You;
may Your judgments help me." –Psalm 119:174-175


My dad loved to engage God daily and passionately challenged others to do so as well. It had not always been that way. Eighteen years ago he was an overcommitted businessman who would squeeze in a two-minute devotion in his car before running into his office. That changed when Brad Curl saw that my dad, who was on many ministry boards, was skimming with his devotions. To get his attention, Brad grabbed my dad and said, “Ed, stop playing with God. You are a Christian leader. Start diving into God’s Word and get serious! No more giving God leftovers!” That day marked my dad. No more two-minute devos! My dad’s life transformed as he feasted on God’s Word first thing every morning.

My dad liked to share the three Ds of devotions: drudgery, discipline, and delight. He would say, “Don’t wait. Start now!” Getting up daily to do a quiet time may start as drudgery, feeling hard and unnatural; but get it done. It will gradually grow into a discipline and become a part of life. Then it will turn into a delight, a love, and a longing to be with the Lord. It goes from a have-to, to a need-to, to a want-to.

Jesus longs to be with us. Engage Him today. No matter what D stage we’re at, it is a delight for the Lord when we engage Him. Oh, how He loves you and me.


1. Which D stage best defines your quiet time?
2. What gets in the way of making daily devotions a part of your life?
3. Accountability is key. Do you have a Brad Curl in your life to speak the truth?


Psalms 1:2; 35:9; Isaiah 42:16; 2 Peter 1:3-11


Jesus, I desire to be in Your presence. Help me to carve out time each day to hear from You and transform my quiet times so that they are a pure delight. Amen.

Bible Reference: 
2 Peter 1