Time to Spare


"When it is in your power, don't withhold good from the one to whom it is due. Don't say to your neighbor, 'Go away! I'll give it tomorrow' -- when it is there with you."
-Proverbs 3:27-28


"Come on, Coach. Just a few minutes," was the daily request of this young player. Everyday after practice he asked his coach to stick around to help him with his batting. This player's average -- even if he had 20 consecutive hits -- would never even reach the Mendoza line (.200 batting average). But he wouldn't quit. And time after time the coach would put him off. The young man was never going to play, so why should he bother?

Coaches, does this sound familiar? It does to me. Athletes, do you have teammates of lesser skill asking the same of you? I'll admit that as a coach I had my fair share of players who wanted nothing more than to spend time with me to get instruction as well as attention. "But what about my tee time? What about my night with the guys? I have papers to grade." The excuses were many, but none of them were worthy. In Proverbs we are challenged to take time to help those who need our wisdom and instruction, and it does NOT say to put it off until another day. It says to do it now!

I know the days are long, and the practices are tough. I know that sometimes there is nothing you'd rather do than just get away for some peace and quiet, but Johnny or Susie really need your help. It may be more than putting the bat on the ball or making more free throws. They need to see and feel the good in you -- the good that listens to them, encourages them and equips them to be the leaders of tomorrow. So next time that special player comes along and wants you to stay after practice to help him or her out, remember that you are building more than batting averages, you're building lives for eternity.


1. Do you make time for your players, or do you put them off?
2. Are your reasons for hurrying home after practice legitimate (i.e. family needs), or are they based on selfish desires?
3. When is the last time you stayed after practice to help someone in need?
4. Today how can you start using the power within you to help someone get to the next level athletically and spiritually?


Proverbs 3
Matthew 22:34-40

Bible Reference: 
Matthew 22