"The way of the Lord is a stronghold for the honorable. . ."

-Proverbs 10:29a 

In basketball, each player has a cylindrical vertical space on the court. This means that when they jump for a rebound, the vertical space of their body is their's as long as they jump straight up. If an opponent enters this space and makes contact with them, an official can call a foul. Conversely, if they leave their vertical space and make contact with an opponent, they can be called for a foul.
We have this same vertical space in our relationship with the Lord. This is part of our means of connecting with Him. This is especially true when we worship. Our "vertical space" starts at the bottom of our feet and extends all the way to God in heaven. Our connection with Him is strongest when we stay in direct, upright contact. Should we stray horizontally (worldly), our connection becomes diluted and our strength gets weakened. Failure to stay upright can lead to sin and possibly "fouling out" of the God's competition, which He prepared especially for us.

We need to be fully connected to God at all times. The vertical space each of us has to God in heaven needs to be maintained. Don't allow our opponent (Satan) to enter your space and keep you from experiencing God's love firsthand. 

1. How vertical is your relationship with the Lord?
2. How can you maintain your vertical relationship with Him?

3. In what way can you best worship the Lord? 


Colossians 3:1-17 

Bible Reference: 
Colossians 3